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Rearview Mirror

As of today, I am two weeks away from departure, providing flights don't get cancelled and unforetold circumstances do not strike. That's quite a mouthful. For as long as I can remember, the only proviso to take into consideration was money, but even money isn't as powerful as it once was. Until this point, I'd been fairly pleased with the reality check of God's might, so my next statement is very literal. God willing and providing, I return home in two weeks. This blog post will hopefully tie a nice bow on my thoughts towards leaving New Zealand and give more clarity than questions to my thoughts towards returning home.                                       Someone very wise and somewhat hardened by the toil of life once told me that if you have two tasks to do in a day, one of which is to skin a bear and the other is to skin a trout, tackle the bear first. Taking this advice, please enjoy my thoughts and very mixed feelings towards returning home. I want you to im