Take it To-Go

To all of you in various forms of lockdown: I hope you and your loved ones are both physically and mentally well and maybe(just maybe) even enjoying yourselves. I’d like to dedicate this post to talk about things to take forward from this time of quarantine(note: the pictures are not highly related but just some pictures from the past few weeks):

1. Time with friends is invaluable: anything can be perceived as a burden, even the things we love. I watched it happen to countless people I studied music with. They came in loving music and their instruments and would soon find practicing and then rehearsing and eventually even performing to be a burden! I found that any time people feel like they have to do things, they forget that they actually have often chosen to be where they are. We can end up treating our jobs, our hobbies, and even the people we love like burdens. People are not burdens though. People, especially friends and family, are gifts. Getting to spend time with them talking, hanging out, or doing any number of things is a blessing that I had been taking for granted for years. Social interactions, whether it be parties, bowling, or even a meal, are a blessing and well worth the energy.

2. Busyness is overrated. We can convince ourselves easily that we’re being productive when we’re actually doing absolutely nothing. My theory is that maybe, just maybe, we don’t need to be productive all the time. We’re not machines but people! There are times when it’s important to be proactive and really work, but there’s also huge value in being comfortable doing nothing for any other reason than to just breathe and enjoy the beautiful creation around you. Sitting and visiting with someone you enjoy is completely valid as is simply sitting and enjoying a cup of tea. I think a lot of people can relate to the situation of not knowing how to slow down and simply embrace the moment we're in. As Ecclesiastes tells us, there's a time for everything. There’s a time for movement and a time to be still, a time to work and a time to rest. Not every second of every day needs to be filled and not every day needs to be empty. It’s a balancing act of working and breathing, and above all, knowing deep in our bones that people are more important. Your family, your friends, and all people are more important than money and business. YOU are more important than money and business. I’ve seen it in the lockdowns to stop the spread. I’ve seen it in plenty of extroverts staying home even if that means being home alone. I’ve seen it in neighbors caring for each other and in everyone doing their part to defeat this virus and keep people safe and healthy. 

3. The Internet is a marvelous thing. I’m not sure you’ve noticed. Every ounce of work, socializing, and congregating during this lockdown has been brought to you by the Internet. It, just like people, has an immense capability for good. It’s allowed us to see the members of the world around us not under our roof and to love on them from afar. It’s been used to make countless videos of people doing incredible things and spreading hope like wildfire. It even lets us play games with people as though they were just sitting across the table from us! The Internet has been our saving grace during this time, and I think it has greater capabilities to help us as we move forward. It brings us sit coms and things like the Good News Network in a time hellbent towards despair. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to think over your past 2 days, everything you’ve done. I imagine more than you know how to say has been this amazing tool in the hands of equally amazing people. Thank the people you meet with and the other people who provide you with services of entertainment and community, and thank God for the many gifts we’ve been given to cope with an uncertain time.

My hope and dream is to take the skills and mindsets I’ve learned from the quiet of lockdown and use them to arise from these ashes better, more loving, more patient, and more settled than ever before; I hope you are able to do the same. I love you all; take care.

Eliza Edge
Resident in Mission for WME


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