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Representing America

I have been in New Zealand for 10 months now, and my nationality has not been an item of distress or question until quite recently. For that, I realize I am extremely privileged. I didn't run from my country to be here, as I encounter in lots of immigrants. I didn't come here in search of better or freer government or way of life. I came here to serve, not knowing my country would be facing turmoil of the like that it hasn't seen in many, many moons. I love America and being American, but right now, patriotism isn't coming as naturally as it usually does.                               (photo above taken at Black Lives Matter protest in Auckland City) I learned from living in Australia and have been reminded since stepping foot in New Zealand that there is a full range of feelings for America amongst the rest of the world, from idyllic admiration to pure spite. There is respect for the fact that we, as a nation, lead the free world, but there is also a huge amount of fea

Take it To-Go

To all of you in various forms of lockdown: I hope you and your loved ones are both physically and mentally well and maybe(just maybe) even enjoying yourselves. I’d like to dedicate this post to talk about things to take forward from this time of quarantine(note: the pictures are not highly related but just some pictures from the past few weeks): 1. Time with friends is invaluable: anything can be perceived as a burden, even the things we love. I watched it happen to countless people I studied music with. They came in loving music and their instruments and would soon find practicing and then rehearsing and eventually even performing to be a burden! I found that any time people feel like they have to do things, they forget that they actually have often chosen to be where they are. We can end up treating our jobs, our hobbies, and even the people we love like burdens. People are not burdens though. People, especially friends and family, are gifts. Getting to spend time with them talking,