Along with most of the world at this point, New Zealand is under lockdown which in turn makes all of my work remote. This has been a time for lots of creativity and imagination, and those who are skilled in the art of improvising have found their time to shine in the world of distance operations. The theme of my life at the moment seems to be “we’ll make it up as we go along.” Not exactly ideal for someone who likes to be prepared and ahead of the curve, but definitely a time to grow, pray, and watch God work. These are some of the ways I’ve been continuing to serve in my post as a youth pastor and some of the things I’ve done just because I’ve been given the time and space. 

I, as I’m sure most of you do, feel like a model example for a prime New Yorker article cover where my hand has actually turned into a phone and my eyes have the constant gleam of a back-lit screen. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful. Without this hand-held computer, I’d be up the creek without a paddle, but it can be quite tiresome for someone who doesn’t love technology. I’m almost constantly messaging, calling, posting, recording, listening, blogging(ha), or anything where I can punch at a screen and form relationships in this time of physical distance. Zoom now hosts us for youth group, Kahoot now suffices as a group game, and instagram challenges serve as a daily catchup. The pastor of the church I’m serving told me this past week that usually his phone bill is $40 a month, but this month it’s going to be $300! It’s a crazy time to be alive, but the opportunities to find peace and serve are nearly endless. As such, I’ve included an example of a youtube link below of me explaining Good Friday in my goofy, youth manor and some pictures from the Instagram challenges. 

I’ve been amazed by the generosity and ingenuity I’ve seen in the last few weeks. People all over the world are being tested, and so many are choosing to share love and kindness in return. To play my part in that, I’ve been doing one of the things that comes most naturally to me: making music. I won’t say much more about that because music making is better experienced than explained:

Eliza Edge
Resident in Mission through WME


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