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This post is dedicated in part to answering one of the most common questions I get asked throughout my week: “how’s home/are you homesick?” I always struggle to concisely answer because, for me, home has never quite been an address. I know the people asking are probably looking for fun facts about the weather and the general condition of the zip code I was born and raised in, but I find home in the people who make me feel welcomed and loved. All this to say, homesickness is a feeling I associate with the strain of long-distance relationships.  This may come as a surprise to none, but long-distance relationships suck big time. This is all LDRs: familial, platonic, and romantic. They are all challenging in their own special, heart-wrenching way. That being said, stents(even year-long ones) of distance can be beneficial for every type of relationship. The following includes what I expected, what I’ve experienced, and finally what I’ve learned. Familial: I thought I had this p