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A People Who Play

This week’s blog is intended to be a break from the philosophical to talk about the things I truly love about the kiwi people. For those of you who have traveled out of your country or out of your state or even out of your county, you know that people from different corners of the world often talk differently, think differently, and act differently. It’s part of what makes traveling so exciting and migrating so challenging. Living in New Zealand culture has been challenging at times with lots of jokes that have been answered with strange looks instead of laughs, remembering to keep left when driving and crossing the street(you only make that mistake once!), and other learning moments. Overshadowing the moments of strife, though, are the many ways in which the kiwi people have inspired me. The number one thing I’ve noticed and adored is that kiwi people like to play. Not just the kids, though they do as well, but all of them. Why sit around and debate politics and make banter w