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A week in the life

To answer any suspicions regarding my inspiration for this post, the answer is Gilmore Girls. For those of you who may be unaware, Gilmore girls is my favorite show, and I found “A Year in the Life” lovely though maybe not as much of a masterpiece as the original. I favorite tv show gave me the idea to describe a week of my life as a missionary. A slice of life entry, so to speak. Some of the things I will mention are recurring, but quite a few change from day to day depending upon the needs or the week. For this, I will paint a picture of the week from last Tuesday to this past Sunday in the form of miniature diary entries. I hope it gives you some insight as to what being a missionary in a first world island country can look like.  Tuesday, 2/12(notice the date is written in the form that most of the non-American world uses so that the units go from smallest to largest): Tuesday is my meeting/catch up day. This is the day where I have my meetings with my various s