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Island time

This post will be dedicated to pictures and an account of how I’ve found New Zealand thus far: I’ll start with the simplest question first. “What’s the weather like?” I think it’s safe to say after two months that I’m not a fan of New Zealand winter. It’s not terribly cold, but it is rather dreary. Blue skies have been a rare occurrence, and I’ve been met with winds that feel like unsafe ocean currents somewhere between 2 and 4 times a week. That being said, the nice days are incomparably gorgeous. When the sun comes out to play, the town seems to wake up and everything is as lovely as you could possibly ask for. Long story short, I’m hyped for summer. Here is a glimpse of one of the nicer days I’ve seen. Next on FAQs(brought to you by the simple fact that a lot of my friends and family being from the south where we like to eat) is “what’s the food like?” The food is very similar to home, with a few general and specific differences. For starters, everything here is usually