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Spiritual Gardening

Public disclaimer: the following thoughts were composed after a short period in a large city of which I’ve only seen and experienced a small part of thus far and therefore are prone to be narrow minded and assumptive. These thoughts and views are very likely to evolve over the course of the next year, but for now, this is my understanding of the community around me. Enjoy! I’ve been in Auckland, New Zealand for two weeks, and this is what I’ve learned. I’m living in a city where it takes an hour to travel 30 kilometers, a city that goes to bed at 8 pm on weeknights, a city where stormy days are seen as an opportunity for wind surfing, a city where equal opportunity is more of a reality than any place I’ve ever seen, a city where strife is next to nonexistent, a patient city, and a city that runs on island time. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Utopian? Or at least a profitable Disney movie? But in this city where people hardly want for anything tangible, where being overwhelmed is a r